Ideas for your shoot

The possibilities for your senior portraits are endless! There are countless ways to make your pictures unique to you, I can't tell you enough how much I love making your ideas come to life! I've shot everything from rock climbing to chinchillas so don't be shy to mention something that might seem crazy.


As far as props go, I can certainly help you find what you're looking for, I know people who have weird stuff that is perfect for photo shoots.

- furniture for sitting such as a chair or stool 

- flowers to wear, hold, or to stand or sit next to 

- pets of all kinds, dogs, cats, horses, cows, chinchillas, or a hedgehog

- hats for any occasion, cowboy, vintage, floppy hats or baseball caps

- instruments bothmusical and technical 

- vehicles from trucks and cars to bicycles and motorcycles 

- sports equipment like balls, gear, and uniforms 

- blanket or flagmaybe you have one thats sentimental 

- balloons or bubbles if cute is your style, go for it

glitter to blow at the camera or into wind

- twinkling lights shoot with Christmas lights or street lights

- smoke bomb get edgy and trendy with a bomb photo

- sign that might read "Finally Done!" or "Senior 2019"


For every suggested background I've listed I have a location in mind, but I love discovering new places for photo shoots so I encourage you to share your ideas! 

- field of grass, corn, sunflowers, or even a pumpkin patch

- trees like pine, aspen, cottonwood, Russian olive

- mountains

- body of water such as a river, lake, creek, pond, or reservoir 

- desert surround yourself with sagebrush,  cactus, and crazy sand hills

- road dirt or paved

- public park complete with benches and green grass

- ranch surround yourself with old barns, fences, and farming equipment

- railroad and old industrial buildings

- city scape alleyways, buildings, stairs, doorways, and street scenes

- bridge


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