Tips to Prepare for Your Portrait Session

1. Drink lots of water -  Your skin and lips will thank you, you won’t look drained, and you’ll look and feel more relaxed.

2. Get a good night sleep - It helps to not to have bags under their eyes, an aching body, or just the feeling of being tense, or stressed.

3. Try on outfits for your photo shoot  in advance - Sometimes you’ll have an outfit idea in your head then when you try it on you don’t love it, then it is too late to find something else. I recommend trying on everything you plan on wearing beforehand and not on the same day of your photoshoot.

4. Don’t be afraid to reschedule if you really need to - I understand things can happen so I am prepared to be flexible. Please call me if you’re sick or sunburnt, I would rather shoot when you feel and look your best. If it’s raining, snowing, extremely windy, or just plain too cold it’s fine to call and reschedule, I might just be calling you to anyways if that’s the case.

5. Pack  a touch up bag and mirror if your hair and make-up are important to you - Fill you bag with hair ties, bobby pins, and lip gloss, tissues, q-tips, tide to go, etc. Don’t be shy with the hair spray, even for you men!

6. Try not to come super hungry or having to go the bathroom - You’ll be more relaxed if you’re not overly hungry or thanksgiving-dinner stuffed. Also, there isn’t always a bathroom on location so make sure to go before we leave.

7. Have a friend/encourager for your shoot - Feel free to bring someone to make you feel comfortable, give you encouragement, etc. High school seniors- bring your parent if you like but it's not required.

8. Relax! Photo shoots pretty much make everyone and anyone nervous, that’s normal. But it’s your chance to show the world who you really are, so just be yourself! I will help you pose during a shoot, so you don’t need any prior modeling experience. If your feel unsure, you can you-tube some modeling tutorials. Also, you can save some pictures on your phone to show me poses you like during the shoot.

9. Gather your clothing items - Be sure you have all your clothing and props together the night before your shoot. Being prepared makes everything less stressful. It also helps you to be on time! Please iron your clothes, including sports jerseys! A lint roller is great too. Don’t forget the sports equipment!

10. For in-the-water-shoots - Bring a couple of towels and maybe even a robe. Bug spray comes in handy as well near the rivers and lakes.


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