What to Wear

1. Something Casual

• T-shirt with jeans

• Simple dress or  button shirt with jeans

• Try and stick to neutral colors: black, white, tan, blush, light blues, nudes, navy, and gray

• Spice it up with a floral or plaid pattern.

* Avoid graphic logo t-shirts and shirts with words on them.

2. Something Nice

• Something you would wear for a college interview or in business setting

• Something that shows your fashion sense

• Prom dress/gown or a professional suit

3. Something that represents you

• Hobbies, interests, sports

• Friends, family, pets, significant other

• Vehicle, bicycle, horse

More Clothing Tips

o Base your outfits off what will work with the location.

o Bring a sturdy pair of shoes and a warm coat in case of mud or if it is cold.

o Use layers to further express your personality such as hats, scarves, jackets, jewelry, a belt, vests.

o Ladies, check the length of your dresses, if it’s too short it can be hard to pose sitting down.

o Guys, wear nice-ish shoes, ripped and stained sneakers don’t look nice. 

o Go easy on the make-up, if you use eye liner and mascara try to be subtle.

o Hair spray if a must, even for the guys. It makes editing much easier and it tends to be windy in Wyoming.

Group shots

 Create a balance between patterns and solids.

 Try not to match exactly but pair outfits that fit a color scheme

 Make a list of people you want grouped for pictures



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